Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Google Sketchup Rules!

Being on Blogger has nothing to do with this... Google Sketchup just plain rocks. If I finish something nice, I'll post a picture (or link to where I've posted it.)

Sometimes the camera controls can be frustrating, but the controls for creating 3d objects are nearly miraculous they are so well thought out.

One thing, though; would be nice to be able to hold 3 or 4 and have it lock to thirds or quartiles along a segment instead of just endpoints and midpoints. Just a thought. (Or 5, 7, 9, etc... if you get my drift.)

Its ability to lock along axes, extrude perpedicularly, align easily to the position of other surfaces, divide existing surfaces (just draw on them, and you can create new surfaces out of old, instead of having to re-make the parent surface.)

Guess this stuff may have been in CAD for awhile... but CAD isn't free!

Cheers, Y'all.


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