Wednesday, June 07, 2006

UK Says: Forced Marriages OK...

huh. (via lgf.)

Commentary Follows.

I especially like the part about 'driving the practice underground'. This sounds kind of like the argument regarding abortions. So, we're assuming that illegalizing forced marriages won't stop it from happening? Wow, really? You must be joking. But after all, I dunno, most stealing, murdering, adultery.. etc... has been driven underground. I think we should repeal those laws, as they tend to drive those practices underground.

Look, the point is, if you are against forced marriage you should make it illegal. Yes, of coures anyone who wants to do it will have be secretive about it. Its almost like if they can't totally stop what the don't want, they don't even want to try. Guess thats why some european police are so 'unmotivated' to fight crime (think Sweden...) We need perfect laws! Yes, if we had perfect laws...

Regardless, the fact that it is somehow important that forced marriages will be driven underground must mean that it is a fairly common practice there, but who, I wonder, who could possibly practice it? Must be some crazy, like, super-conservative Anglicans and Catholics. Yeah. The irony over there must be as think as the morning fog...

Well, if things are like some of my UK acquantances tell me, its part of a larger trend of the UK going to the crapper, locking herself in, and falling in the john while it is flushing. We'll miss you guys.



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