Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Mentality of Terror

Superb Piece by Theodore Dalrymple over at City Journal...

Reminds me of an earlier article I read. It seems that Islamism (or Salafism) is only successful in its propagation due to a volatile mix of post modern thinking and conditions combined with ancient ideologies. His point is too complex (well, until I read it again) to reiterate here in but length, so I'll just offer a few comments.

1. Actually interviewing a guy who wanted to be a suicide bomber was invaluable. Usually we paint these guys as caricatures of men, either as madmen or (alternatively) brave and greived 'freedom fighters' -- yet when we speak to them as men, they turn out also to be men. It does not make them any less our enemy that they are.

2. Combatting this will be difficult, especially with the multiculturalist attitude fueling futher mental segragation (note the muslim men think of themselves as completely seperate though they live similar lives-- and this is a source of their bitterness and troubles...) Britain (and other countries) with their post-modernist bent, oft-prejudiced & classist attitudes combined with turmoil in the middle east, might find it nearly impossible to remove this leprous strain of cultural corruption.

3. Islam the old religion of Mohammed has been left behind, here. Whatever its relevance to the modern world in the lives of the mujahdeen is unclear; mostly it is a tool that they use to torture themselves; desiring both the pleasures and freedoms of modernity coupled with the power and feeling of moral superiority of the antedelluvian. But neither in moderation, nor balance.

Plus, their counterparts in the physiognomy of imams and clerics do nothing to help, and don't even respect the most basic law of mankind: Hammurabi's Code. To put it simply, An eye for an eye means, you may take in justice no more than was taken from you. Sharia law, with its removal of fingers and whatnot, shows no respect for this, and creates a hotbed for feuding and bitterness. Wake up and smell the two millennia of the evolution of human intellect, boys...


'Aight, feel free to speak your mind. (also via windsofchange.net.)


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