Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally Adding Up...

Ed Driscoll links to some articles (and makes some comments) here.

The Case: Islamofascism, Salafism...
The Charge: Utopians of the same vein as Marxists, Nazis, Anarchists, ELF members...
The Verdict: Guilty, mother*******s!
(censored for your protection. ;)

Its an explanation of Islam that does not force us to view all of Islam as necessarily the enemy (for I have known Muslims whom I would trust) nor does it allow us to dismiss them as mere 'criminals'. The charge is, that in fact, in the way the Islamic world fueled Europe to jump into the renaissance (a decidedly good thing) the dregs of 20th century madness have sept into the Islamic world, transforming the more educated into self-righteous, neofundamentalist, eschatological crusaders, and fueled the leaders with a new ideology with which to manipulate the masses and prosecute their agendas. Good work, Western Left!

I guess a self-fulfilling prophecy is still a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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