Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Elitism: One more reason to loathe it...

Read Alan K. Henderson's entry here...

I find that this is the creeping suspcision, the underlying worry, the sensation of discomfort we often feel; are other people, truly no more 'equal' or in most ways qualified in any measurable sense, deciding that we are their wards? That they get to decide how to 'take care of us' as though we were children or pets instead of men?

I have said (Though not in this medium) that the worst way to punish a man is to coddle him... torture, death, exile-- all are tolerable, but to make him de facto a child-- that is what kills the soul.

After all, when we were children it was so because we could not reason for ourselves. Now being reasoning people, are we not responsible for ourselves-- as original sin suggests?

Those who would seek to take our liberty away from us should beware; anyone who still has it will Live Free, or Die.

The press has come to realise (perhaps not quickly enough) that they cannot for our own sake become a filter for our understanding and news. Some argue that they do it out of political motivation, or anti-americanism, and given my belief that there are rarely single causes, I would say all are responsible. But most of all, a feeling of elitism that has long poisoned mankind, and Americans in particular (think the various organizations that have popped up to prop up one's feeling of being 'elite'...)

The press must realise one day, that if they cannot be trusted to not try to manipulate us through their reporting, we will report our own news and make our own decisions about it. We only allow our government to do what it does -- by the people, of the people, for the people (prolly the wrong order, there...)

Eh, rambling again. Feel free to opine yourself on the lady's story, communism as paternalistic entity, liberty, et al.

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