Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kill 'em dead, Steyn!

May 9th is "Europe Day". Here is the intro to Mark Steyn's commentary on EU, since it was, after all, her day:

Question: What do you get when you take two world wars, add the two most malign ideologies of the century, throw in genocide, the collapse of religious institutions, radical secularism, a political elite sealed off from opinions it finds distasteful, spiraling social costs, deathbed demographics and growing numbers of an unassimilated immigrant population?

Answer: You get Europe in the new millennium - mired in aggressive pacifism, moral nihilism, resurgent anti-semitism and reflex anti-Americanism. And, if you want to blame all that on Bush and Cheney, you have to shut your eyes and ears to a mountain of statistical evidence. To those on the American left who find Europe more “sophisticated”, you’re right: it’s sophisticated in the sense that a belle époque Parisian boulevardier is sophisticated – outwardly dapper and worldly, inwardly eaten away by syphilis and gonorrhea. It’s only a question of how many others the clapped-out bon vivant infects before his final collapse.

Ah, heh, indeed. Read the rest here.

Commentary Follows:

I too, see the doom-ed-ness, if that is a word, of the EU. But those lost in a world of identity politics and social consciousness are unaware of the economic and structural imperatives that underly societies and civilizations of a certain level of advancement. Sadly, we will all pay for their error.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Information War In Europe

Read here.

Whatever else might be said about these developments, that Europe should find itself, at this particular moment in its history, embroiled in a sharp-edged conflict over the legal imposition of political correctness must strike even the friendliest observer as a bizarre distraction from the most dramatic fact about the continent in the early 21st century: Europe is committing demographic suicide, and has been doing so for some time.

Interesting to read. Goes through a lot of stuff, including some stuff from Ratzinger and a new idea of a 'civic religion'.