Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Regarding ADHD

Some people are quite convinced that it is being over-diagnosed.

I am one of them.

commentary follows.

Many of the problems I had in school were from boredom, and other classmates who were lagging behind me being unaccepting of how much I was excelling. Nowadays it doesn't matter; as an adult you can be as smart or stupid as you wish as long as you pull in money and stay out of trouble.

But as a kid it can be devastating to not be accepted because you are smart. By the 9th grade I basically refused to do schoolwork.

If only there had been a gifted/talented school I could have attended; alas. I think they were already medicating the boys (though I'm not sure) when I was going to school. Nonetheless, the biggest problem is that there isn't enough activity for boys in regular public school, and until they address that problem the overdiagnosis and overmedication will continue apace. I feel for the parents who don't have the time, willingness or knowledge to go toe-to-toe with the school system about this.


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