Monday, April 03, 2006

Goldstein, FIRE, Campus Speech

A good post from Protein Wisdom regarding more problems with campus free speech.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's website is here.

commentary follows.

I've often spoke of the problems with 'Diversity' as a concept; it is not nearly as beneficial to us as its purveyors would have us believe. Diversity instead is a good sign; but it must be voluntary diversity. The idea of mandating diversity is simply more authoritarian/facist leftist bullcrap, and like anything that looks or is good, is only good if done with free will.

The reason why VOLUNTARY diversity can be good, is that it is a sign that you are appealing to a wider audience, customer base, etc. But mandating it defeats the whole purpose of its existence. And also, mandating it usually turns it into a complete and total superficiality-- all different colors, but everything else is very similar, and perspectives are limited aside from 'group narratives' which are really just dumbed down and recycled folklore or political talking points. No real culture here; real culture is spontaneous and not limited to identity groups. Real culture does things that people don't like. Real culture is not politically correct.

So real diversity is also the same; spontaneous. You see lots of diversity in the US, not because we decided that we needed x number of Mexicans, x number of English, x number of Irish, x number of Syrians, x number of Japanese, etc. But because the USA itself attracts a great variety of people because of opportunity and freedom. We don't need to mandate it; it just appears. And it is real-- as much as people want you to believe that, for instance, all black people have the same political affiliation and the same goals and interests-- it is simply not true. I mean, Condi Rice? Colin Powell? Alan Keyes? The list goes on. There are plenty of Hispanic folks who do not believe in the power of 'La Raza' (the race.) Its funny how political correctness rails against 'stereotypes' while parroting its own. There are useful stereotypes, and there are useless ones.

PC has just found that its own stereotypes are useful to its agenda. They don't help anyone else-- the point of stereotypes is to supply general information in lieu of specific information to be acquired in interaction and in relationships. Stereotypes are just an extension of the multileveled classification system that our minds have. Get over it. Instead, make sure that the stereotypes you keep around are useful and accurate; and like opinions, don't hold them too tightly.


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