Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yale's New Major

From Yaledailynews.com:

NELC major Tammer Qaddumi '06 said he thinks the current NELC program is "totally outdated" due to its emphasis on ancient and classical studies. But he described the classes on the Middle East in other departments as "trigger-word" classes along the lines of "Terrorism 101" that study Middle East issues from a U.S. perspective.

"What you want is classes that deal with contemporary political issues in the Middle East but that do it from an organically Middle East perspective," Qaddumi said.
Don't base everything on just one NELC major's comments. But if they are at all symptomatic it means even worse things for the academic standards in Yale. Honestly, what has in the past caused collegiate education to be effective in promoting free thinking and advancement in society and civilization is its emphasis on "Ancient" and "Classical" studies. Without them it is basically a trade school. What he is suggesting, more or less, is to make the NELC program a program designed to indoctrinate people into Islamist philosophy. Keep up the good work, Yale.

Without the perspective created by ancient and classical studies, NELC will just become an advanced madrassa for the wealthy.

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