Monday, March 27, 2006

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Anyway, this is just to establish that I'm making a blog here; The title 'Information War' refers to the fact that we are now engaged in an information war. To quote the Hugh Hewitt show:

GR: It's an information war. Terrorism is an information war disguised as a military conflict.

Read the whole thing here.
(via Instapundit.)

My opinion is that there is always an information war going on; at least, usually. Pacifists abhor physical violence but gladly engage in information war. They really aren't pacifists. All media is involved in the information war. The printing press and the English Bible were weapons in ongoing information wars. In a sense, the printing press was the early beginning of the information age. An information war cannot be specificly won or lost through military conflict or violence. Instead they become subservient to the goals of the information war.

Totalitarian countries have mostly lost the information war; but their physical armies and police keep the people (whom they lost to) from overthrowing them. The outcome is not always good. Compare the French Revolution and the American Revolution. In both cases, an information war proceeded a physical, military conflict. The result of the American was good, the French certainly for ill.

To qualify my statement above about winning or losing via military of physical violence; such things become subservient to the information war, and the goal of the information war is to win minds, words, ideas, and the public mainstream dialogue. In this sense, violence and military conflict can be used by both sides as weapons.

An example. Osama bin Laden. -- Liberals assume that catching him is the goal of the War on Terror (well, perhaps they USED to.) many people did! But it is not. That would suggest that the war we are fighting is a physical conflict; and we are working to catch the enemy leader. Instead, it is an information war. The Terrorists are simply trying to win more Arab and other minds to their cause. Were we to find or fail to find Osama is meaningless; but outcomes would be victories for the terrorists; were he to die he would be a Martyr, were he to miraculously escape it would make us seem weak, and it would also invigorate the Islamists. So, now realising that this is an information war, we seek to ignore Osama. He is a paper tiger set up by our enemy to try to trip us up; hoping that we have not realised that since they could not win any kind of military conflict, they have moved information war into its place, but made it look like it has not.

So blogs are a weapon in the information war! Consider blogs the Hoplite troops of the Athenian military, and the big media and Arabic government outlets the Persian Mercenaries. We win every time, provided that we stand up, and fight. This is even easier for us; we have an advantage in this war and we need to play it fast & tight.

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