Friday, March 31, 2006

Something about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Don't know who out there has played Oblivion, but it's a great (although violent) game.

Some culture RE: Oblivion... (warning; contains explicit language.)




Naturally I've already found out a way to play dirty. Not that I didn't start the game knowing that. Nonetheless, I have determined a method by which one can get around the increasing strength of enemies.

Typically, when you level up your enemies get stronger. This was the case in the first Elder Scrolls game (that I played...), Daggerfall, but was not in Morrowind. (the third game.) -- gamer's note: the second game I played was BattleSpire... and there was also another game -- not an RPG -- Red Guard.

So here's the skinny; in Oblivion you no longer need to rest for your skills to increase. Your magicka and endurance regenerate on their own at an astounding rate, and you do not 'fatigue'. So provided that you have a healing spell you should be fine without rest. Use 'T' to wait, if you need to wait for stuff. I don't think loitering is a crime the way it was in Daggerfall.

Why rest? Because it levels you up. When the little meter indicates that you have raised 10 skill points in your Major skills, you will become eligible for a level, which raises your stats, health, etc.

When you level up, the meter is not 'reset'-- it simply is reduced by 10. So if you've gained 14 skills before your last chance to rest, when you level it will become 4, not 0. So you never lose your work on your Major skills towards levels.

So my strategy is this- once you have enough HP/Magicka/etc, stop resting.

Then, only rest when enemies become too easy or you want more stats/health.

Feel free to raise your major skills as high as you'd like.

The only downside is it is hard to control your stat gain (which is influenced by what skills you used getting that level.)

Ok, that's all...


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