Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Contract of Anonymity, Part 1 of a Series

I'll post them as they come to me. My first rule for the anonymous:

I. An anonymous person is disallowed from making physical threats, whether they be on a person or a person's posessions.

Explanation: When a physical threat is made, it implies more than is obvious; the party making the threat is creating impact by taking on the risks associated with issuing the threat. In other words, you're saying, "I feel so strongly that I am willing to risk physical confrontation to make my point." (Think about that next time someone says, "I'll f****** kill you!" -- hopefully people don't say that to you much, but you wouldn't say that unless you really meant it)

An anonymous person takes on no risk for making a physical threat; while the party threatened still does. The threat is thus both rude, inacceptable, unjust and unethical.

The solution is to not trust any anonymous party that uses their anonymity as an advantage in making physical threats. Whomever does so is abusing their rights and ignoring their responsibilities. Most uncivil!

Ciao for now.


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